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Investment Opportunities for Landlords

Behar Company has been working closely with Landlords in the Greater Pacific Northwest for over 33 years.  Commercial real estate can be very financially rewarding when you have a great team.  We offer knowledge of the market which creates a lot of value making sure that we protect your investments both financially and deliver a short and long term strategy of success.


We strive to protect your investments and get the highest returns from your commercial transactions.   We have represented and fostered relationships with a vast amount of investors over the years in the Purchase and Sale of all types of commercial real estate. 

We assist in with the sale or purchase of the property as well as the lease negotiations including:


  • Office Space

  • Retail Space

  • Medical Space

  • Restaurant /Bar Space

  • Industrial Space 

  • Apartments


Part of understanding the commercial real estate process to get the best solution for you and your business involves learning to see things from the perspective of an owner/landlord and helping them to attain their financial goals. Succeeding in the commercial real estate market is having the ability to assess the current market conditions and offer creative solutions.  We create intrinsic value as your business partner and will support your endeavors for years to come.

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