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Landlord Representation

At Behar Company we want to simplify the process for you, and this includes evaluating the value of your property. We take an in-depth look at the market demand and create a high-level analysis of your listing and how to market it to the mix of tenants you are looking for. We will build a strategy to attain the highest market value for your asset by forming goals, doing a market analysis, making a plan and implementing.

Landlord Representation Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy 

  • Prospecting

  • Strategic Lease Negotiation

  • Guidance on Portfolio Management 

  • Sale of Commercial Assets

Circular Tower

Part of understanding the commercial real estate process to get the best solution for you and your business involves learning to see things from the perspective of an owner/landlord and helping them to attain their financial goals. Succeeding in the commercial real estate market is having the ability to assess the current market conditions and offer creative solutions.  We create intrinsic value as your business partner and will support your endeavors for years to come.

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